Hacks for Removing Dog Hair From Car

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Hack for Removing Dog Hair From Car

Hacks for Removing Dog Hair From Car

There is nothing better than going on exciting car rides to the park or hitting the open road with your furry best friend. The dogs bring immense joy and companionship, making all trips fun and memorable experiences. Yet, as adorable as our pets are, their shedding tendencies can transform the interior of a vehicle into a battleground against clinging pet hair. However, worry not, as there are ingenious hacks for removing dog hair from car. These tips will make your vehicle clean, fresh, and ready for new adventures with your companion. Let’s get into it!

Hack for Removing Dog Hair from Car 

Basic tools for removing dog hair from car

If you are a pet owner looking for a quick and effective solution, the key is to use suitable tools. With the right tools at your disposal, conquering the persistent presence of pet hair is a less daunting challenge.

1. Lint rollers

Lint rollers are at the forefront of pet owners’ line of defense against the daily shedding battle. These are simple yet effective tools that quickly pick up and remove loose dog hair from upholstery. 

Their adhesive surface captures even the most elusive strands, leaving the seats, carpet, and other surfaces fresh and free from furry remnants. Such convenient tools are suitable for regular maintenance and quick vehicle clean-up. 

How to use them

The process of using them is simple, and it consists of a few steps.

  1. Roll the roller over the surface
  2.  Let the stray pet hair stick to it. 
  3. Remove a layer of the roller tape whenever it gets too full to pick up any more fur.

Avoid using the roller on hot surfaces and keep it clear from electronic components to prevent residue buildup.

Lint Rollers
Source: Daraz.lk

2. Rubber gloves 

Another invaluable tool for removing pet hair from the vehicle is a pair of rubber gloves. This simple and tactile solution serves a dual purpose: protecting your hands and acting as a magnet for stray dog hair. 

The natural friction between the rubber and the upholstery gathers and clumps loose hairs, making them easier to dispose of. The gloves are an accessible solution for every pet owner striving to maintain a hair-free car interior. 

How to use them

Rubber gloves are known to pull and remove persistent dog hair effectively. Using them lets you reach some of the harder crevices in your vehicle. To effectively use them:

  • Put a clean pair of rubber gloves on your hands.
  • Run them over the seats and other fabric surfaces.
  • You can also moist the gloves lightly with water for easier removal. 
  • The hair should adhere to the damp rubber surface as you do so.
  • Rub your gloved hands with short and deliberate strokes to raise clingy hair.
  • Sweep your hands across the surface to gather the fur in clumps. 
  • When the glove’s surface fills with hair, wash it under warm running water. 
  • If that doesn’t work, simply remove the pet hair with the other hand.
Rubber Gloves
Source: creeklinehouse.com

3. Duct Tape

No pet hair removal toolkit is complete without duct tape’s cost-effective and versatile inclusion. Aside from its various household uses, this tool also excels in lifting stubborn pet hair from various surfaces. 

Its adhesive surface and flexibility make it an effective tool for tackling hard-to-reach areas where pet hair tends to accumulate. Duct tape proves particularly handy for ensuring an in-depth cleaning of the nooks and crannies of your car.

How to use it
  1. Tear off a sizeable piece of duct tape and wrap it around your hand.
  2. Ensure the sticky side faces the outside and begin to pat the spots.
  3. As you press the tape, the pet hair adheres to the sticky surface.
  4. Once the tape loses its adhesiveness, replace it with another piece.
  5. Continue the process until you dispose of the dog hair from your vehicle.
  6. You can also stick the tape to the seat and pull it off to remove hair strands. 
Duct Tape
Source: duckbrand.com

Specialized Tools for Maximum Dog Hair Removal

While the tools mentioned above can be efficient regarding dog hair removal, the specialized tools take the removal to another level. 

4. Pet hair removal brush

Designed specifically for this task at hand, such a brush has features that can help you remove pet hair effectively. They make it adept at capturing and lifting embedded hairs from fabric surfaces within the vehicle. 

With their ergonomic design and fine bristles, these brushes remove visible hair and delve deep into the upholstery, leaving the seats impeccably clean. They are not only beneficial for the removal process but also preserve the integrity of the fabrics.

One distinctive feature they have is the ability to pick up even the tiniest hairs, which not all cleaning methods can achieve. You can make a valuable investment and opt for a rubble bristle brush or a wire brush to remove stubborn hair. 

How to use it
  1. Take the brush and gently scrub it over your car’s upholstery surface.
  2. Move the brush around to collect all the strain of dog hairs.
  3. Avoid applying excessive force to prevent damaging the interior fabric. 
Pet Hair Removal Brush
Source: projeproducts.com

5. Rubber blade

A rubber blade can be an excellent option if you grapple with dog hair entrenched in carpets and seats. It has a sturdy yet flexible nature, which allows you to gather and remove pet hair quickly and effectively.

Its design is particularly effective on surfaces where static electricity tends to cling to pet hair and is intended for a thorough cleanup. Whether you are tackling carpets or seats, the rubber blade aims to effortlessly lift and gather pet hair, leaving your car interior looking pristine.

How to use it
  1. Hold the blade by the handle and run it over the fabric surfaces in your car. 
  2. Begin by the top and work your way down until you clean the area.
  3. If the blade collects too much hair, pause and clean it off before proceeding. 
  4. The friction from the blade and carpet will cause pet hair to lift out. 
  5. Moving the pet hair into one convenient pile for quick and effortless removal. 

6. Pumice stone

The use of pumice stone often emerges as an unexpected but effective hack for removing dog hair from car. Its abrasive surface excels in loosening and lifting pet hair from textured areas where other tools don’t reach.

The pumice stone’s versatility extends typical fabric surfaces, which makes it suitable for car interiors with intricate textures. It can be an excellent choice if you aim to clean your vehicle’s diverse surfaces comprehensively.

How to use it
  1. Slightly scrape the stone against your car’s upholstery.
  2. Make short strokes in one direction. 
  3. Once the stone collects the dog hair, clean it off. 
  4. Be gentle to avoid any damage. 
Pumice Stone
Source: thekrazycouponlady.com

Homemade Solutions to Tackle Dog Hairs in Cars

Above, you were able to discover multiple hacks for removing dog hair from car. Yet, if you are seeking a cost-effective and DIY option, homemade solutions can also be an excellent alternative. 

7. DIY anti-static spray

This budget-friendly solution helps reduce static electricity but also aids in minimizing the clinginess of dog hair to car surfaces. Creating your spray is a straightforward process that requires common household items.

Such a spray can work wonders in reducing the adherence of dog hair to car surfaces and impart a fresh scent to your car interior. To make and use this homemade solution, follow these instructions:

  1. Start by mixing ⅛ cup fabric softener with water in a 1-liter spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture onto upholstery, carpets, and other areas where pet hair accumulates.
  3. Continue cleaning with your chosen pet hair removal tools. 
  4. Spray a little on your car seats before any adventure with your furry companion. 


In the quest for a hair-free and pet-friendly ride, the best hack for removing dog hair from car can help you achieve the desired results. Each tool and method serves a specific purpose in tackling dog hair in different areas of the car. If you are on a budget, a homemade spray is a cost-effective solution to minimizing static electricity, making the removal process even more efficient.

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