Driving Excellence: Our Story

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Our Story

Epic Detailer sprouted from an inspiration in 2005, initially as a supplier of premium auto detailing supplies. Fueled by passion, our owner, Jeff Torres, transitioned to hands-on car detailing, finding immense joy in creating happy clients.

Since officially launching in 2005, the Epic Detailer team has relentlessly prioritized clients. Our commitment involves utilizing top-tier products and maintaining a service-centric ethos.

Dedicated to excellence, Epic Detailer offers a spectrum of services, from meticulous interior car cleaning to flawless ceramic coating application and precision engine detailing. Join us on our journey where commitment to quality and client happiness defines every service we provide.


Hey! I’m Jeff. I graduated from the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute almost a decade ago and have since detailed a myriad of vehicles. But I couldn’t keep the knowledge just to myself, so I created this insider blog to share the secrets of professional auto detailing with car owners and enthusiasts.


Whether you want to know how to wash your car the right way or how to fix deep scratches on your car, you’ll find all the tips and tricks here. After all, your car is worth the effort

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