How to Clean Car Windows

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Types of Cleaning Products

How to Clean Car Windows

Cleaning car windows is an essential part of regular vehicle maintenance, and it’s not only for aesthetic appeal. Compared to the simple cleaning process once a week, it takes a lot of effort to maintain your car’s windows as clean and streak-free as they were when you first got it. Because they are one of the most visible parts of the car, it comes as no surprise that you would want to know how to clean car windows perfectly. 

When cleaning your car’s windows, employ the proper cleaning process and cleaning products to get the greatest results. In this article, we’ll share some tips for you on how to clean car windows.

How to Clean Car Windows

How to Clean Car Windows

Choose your cleaning product

You can purchase professional cleaning products at any auto parts store or online. If you want your windows cleaned and nothing more, then most window cleaners will be able to help you. Cleaners with additional benefits like streak or watermark protection tend to cost more, but they tend to clean the windows better.

Gather your equipment

We recommend microfiber cloths for this task. They allow you to apply the cleaner well, and they are the best for a streak-free finish. Their price may be a little higher; however, they provide the best finish.

You can use a sponge and squeegee to clean dirty windows. The sponge can be used to apply the cleaning product, and then the squeegee can be used to remove the cleaner without leaving streaks.

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Find an area to work

Using a driveway or even the street to clean your windows is perfectly fine, and you don’t need a lot of room to do so. Before you begin, consider the following:

  • Avoid cluttered areas at all costs
  • When cleaning, keep your hands out of the sun’s rays
  • High winds may have an impact on the process’ progress
  • Find a location where you can keep all of your gear
  • Put yourself in a position where you have uninterrupted time to work

First, get rid of the heavy dirt

Before using a glass cleaner on dirty windows, it’s best to clean them first. Scratches and abrasions are less likely to occur as a result of this method as well. If the windows are particularly filthy, a pre-cleaning step involving soapy water, a sponge, and a squeegee is recommended. Wait a few minutes for the windows to dry before using your glass cleaner.

Clean your car windows

Apply your cleaner to a cloth and roll down the operable windows. Top-to-bottom cleaning of the window and its interior and exterior includes a wipe-down. After allowing the glass to dry, return the window to its original position. For each of the windows that can be rolled down, repeat the process.

If you’d prefer, you can use the cleaner directly on the window or a cloth. Using just a few sprays, you can clean the entire window. Work in small sections and avoid applying too much product to the front and back, as it will run before you can use your cloth.


It’s best to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight after cleaning the windows. White streaks can form if the cleaner is allowed to dry in the sun.

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Types of Cleaning Products

Water-based inks in newspapers may leave you with inky smudges on your windows and clothes. Paper towels and regular clothes can leave behind fluff and residue that necessitate a second cleaning of your car windows. A microfibre cloth is an excellent cleaning tool if you want a streak-free shine.

There are a few more options to choose from for cleaning products. When cleaning your car’s windows, it’s best to use a specifically designed product. Window tints can be damaged by ammonia-based cleaners, which can dry out rubber seals and cause discoloration. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best window cleaners.

Glass cleaner

Formulated glass cleaning products are the most effective at removing road grime from your windows because they are made specifically for automotive use. Except for interior windows, you’ll save a lot of time by spraying the solution over the glass instead of reapplying it to your cloth, which is why we always recommend one that comes in a spray bottle.

Windows wipes

Window wipes have become a popular option when you don’t have much time to clean. We don’t recommend using these as part of your regular car care or cleaning routine because they aren’t 100% effective at cleaning your car windows or removing significant buildup from the windows. Despite this, they are useful to keep in the car or between washes. Microfiber towels are great for a final wipe-down if you have the time.

DIY cleaner

You can find homemade cleaning solutions on the Internet, like rubbing alcohol if you don’t have the time to shop for new products. You don’t need expensive cleaning supplies to get a professional-quality clean and shine.

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Types of Cleaning Products

What to Do When You Notice Damage While Cleaning the Car Windows?

If you notice any damage to your car windows while cleaning them, call for assistance right away. If left unattended, a small crack in a window or other type of damage can quickly become a major headache. Thanks to the expertise of an auto body repair shop, you can quickly fix window problems.

Any damage to a vehicle’s windows can be repaired or replaced right away by an auto body shop. Professionals from the shop’s auto repair department are on hand to examine any damage to the windows and determine the most effective solution. 

Window damage can occur even if you clean your car windows with the utmost care. Don’t worry about these situations. Instead, contact an auto body repair shop, and they can assist you in repairing or replacing a defective car window in a short time.


Cleaning your car windows with household products and supplies can save you money in the long run while also improving their appearance, increasing visibility, and increasing safety. If you want better results when cleaning your car’s windows, reconsider your approach. Your cleaning efforts will be greatly rewarded if you use high-quality cleaning products and follow the above-mentioned cleaning methods. We hope this article fulfills your expectations about how to clean car windows.

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